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Generating demand and new quality leads is a daily challenge. You need to find high-quality leads and move them efficiently from awareness to conversion — and the pressure to deliver keeps rising. To score big wins, marketers need a modern approach to demand generation.



I design, manage and optimize search engine marketing programs (SEM) to build awareness, drive traffic and generate demand. My holistic approach connects the dots between your content and assets, and systematically reaches your audience. Using pay-per-click ads displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs), I can help you capture interest at all stages of the customer lifecycle.


​I help websites achieve higher domain and page authority, generate and/or optimize search traffic, and increase conversions through a combination of technical and content-based SEO approaches. I can handle:

  • ​Keyword Research

  • On-page Updates

  • Link-building

  • Content Strategy



A modern website delivers an experience that aligns with buyers’ decision-making priorities. It should leverage responsive web design to perform well across all devices. It should provide a brand experience that fosters trust, engage and educate with compelling interactive content, generate demand, and move buyers toward the sale.


​Your website is one of your biggest conversion and branding tools. I know how important it is to your business, and I have a proven track record of developing highly effective, award-winning websites.



Email continues to play an important role in marketing. Leveraging my knowledge of your audience and your industry, I map buyer’s journey streams to nurture and engage prospects and customers. I then develop the strategy and content to resonate with your core audience and their unique pain points, and execute in your preferred marketing automation platform.



Engagement in social media continues to increase, and so do the expectations surrounding social media marketing. There are many different approaches to social media, from sharing content for demand generation to leveraging key networks to reach new audiences and elevate your company’s profile as a thought leader. I’ll work with you to understand your business objectives in order to deliver a social media strategy that prioritizes the audiences, channels and approaches that make sense for you.


I help you integrate key messages into your digital experience in a way that increases engagement.

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I'm a fractional & flexible marketing executive offering agile marketing strategy & senior leadership. How can I help you? 

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