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When it comes to digital advertising, I take a tailored approach to understand the buyer personas you need to influence and shape a program to fit your objectives. My agile approach includes a framework for testing and optimization to ensure I am meeting your goals, such as increased awareness, better lead quantity and quality, conversion, or a combination of these.



Generating leads matters. Generating quality leads that drive revenue and loyalty matters more. Qualified leads are the lifeblood of every company, but not all leads are created equal. I can help identify the opportunities that are sales-ready right now. And for the rest, I’ll put a lead nurturing plan in place, moving them through the funnel to convert when they’re ready.


​When it comes to turning over leads to the sales department, Ifocus on quality over quantity. Generating, developing and delivering sales-ready leads is critical for marketing success. Companies that do it well, gain productivity from their sales force, close a higher percentage of opportunities and optimize their business development resources.



To successfully reach today’s buyers, marketing automation is a must. Using a marketing automation platform (MAP) allows you to reach the right buyers at the right time, at any stage in the buying journey. And marketing automation systems drive the results you need.


Raising powerful persuasion depends on what you have to say and how you choose to say it.

Let's talk.

I'm a fractional & flexible marketing executive offering agile marketing strategy & senior leadership. How can I help you? 

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